Shooting Star Astrology is the inspiration of Astrologer, Ann LaPan, who writes:

“My life has been enriched by my study of astrology. I was introduced to the field when I met Clara Sullivan. She barely knew me (at the time, but we became great friends later), but she took my birth information and wrote up characteristics of my personality based on her astrological chart findings. She wrote things that even my friends might not know about me. I was astounded! Even then, I still needed further proof of its validity. It was very difficult for me to accept this very unconventional way of thinking. But Clara taught me that it is much more fun and interesting to expand your awareness. She lent me 4 or 5 astrology books and I found out the times of birth several very different people. From the chart analysis I was able to list distinctly different characteristics of each of them, many of which could not possibly apply to the others. I began to study astrology. I bought books and read as much as I could. I took classes. I conferred with top astrologers, but mostly I continually did research on my own. On many occasions I’ve felt my hair standing on end, because I’ve discovered something through astrology that is amazing to me.”

Ann LaPan has Sun in Cancer, Moon in Scorpio, and Libra Rising.

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