Astrological Anatomy of a Rock Band (Sun and Mercury signs)


Rock bands are particularly fascinating because of the challenges they may face in linking band members to each other (and preserving the link) while concurrently touring, maintaining a business, and being able to express themselves creatively.
The key elements of Sun Sign and Mercury Signs of each of the band members’ horoscope (astrological chart) show how inspiration, role assignment, creativity, and communication interact to create compatibility, focus, and goal attainment.



Sun Sign is the most important feature of anyone’s chart. This sign tells what the person’s drive in life is and their core identity. For example:




Sun in Ariesis energetic, confident and direct.
Elton John, Eric Clapton, Chester Bennington, Steve Tyler





Sun in Taurus needs to evaluate things and make them their own.
Trent Reznor, Stevie Wonder, Bono, Roy Orbison, Pete Townsend





Sun in Geminisorts out information to create something of note to say.
Bob Dylan,  Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Boy George, Prince, Dave Navarro, Rivers Cuomo





Sun in Cancer  – is protective, sensitive, expressive, and imaginative.
Cyndi Lauper, Kris Kristofferson, Carlos Santana, Debbie Harry, Beck, Jeff Beck, Ringo Starr, Jack White





Sun in Leo  – is a showy, charismatic leader with lots of stamina.
Madonna, Mick Jagger, Mark Knopfler, James Hetfield, the Edge, Jerry Garcia





Sun in Virgo  – is always looking to better the performance with dedication, precision and discipline.
Elvis Costello, Freddy Mercury, Michael Jackson, Moby, Joe Perry





Sun in Libra  – strives to relate to as many people as possible; enjoys creating harmony.
Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon, Paul Simon, Bob Geldof





Sun in Scorpio  – evokes intrigue and mystery,  intensity and passion.
Bjork, Grace Slick, Jeff Buckley, Kirk Hammett, Anthony Kiedis, Neil Young





Sun in Sagittarius  – is enthusiastic and blunt, exuding confidence and independence.
Frank Zappa, Keith Richards, Billy Idol,
Jim Morrison, Tina Turner, Ozzy Osborne, Brian Molko





Sun in Capricorn  – is authoritative and driven to success.
David Bowie, Dave Grohl, Elvis Presley, Lars Ulrich, Eddie Vedder, Donald Fagan, Dave Matthews, Michael Stipe, Jared Leto, Alex Turner





Sun in Aquarius –  detached original and independent  friend.
Conor Oberst, Bob Marley, Alice Cooper, Mike Shinoda, Billie Joe Armstrong, Justin Timberlake





Sun in Pisces  – is sacrificing, sensitive, intuitive, artistic, and dreamy.
Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobain, Roger Daltry, George Harrison, John Frusciante, Walter Becker, Brad Nowell, John Bon Jovi, Billy Corgin, Jerry Cantrell



Using Sun Signs as examples of how some of the above people work(ed) together:



Rolling Stones:  Mick Jagger/Keith Richards

Mick’s Leo showmanship brings stardom with the aid of Keith’s Sagittarius optimism, enthusiasm and confidence.




Beatles:  John Lennon/Paul McCartney
Expressed multiple thoughts (Paul’s Sun in Gemini) that would relate (John’s Sun in Libra) to many people.




U2:  Bono/The Edge
Bono’s conviction of the band’s worth (Taurus) through Edge’s natural charisma and backbone strength (Leo).




Pisces /Taurus
The Who:  Roger Daltry /Pete Townsend
Roger’s dreams and imagination (Pisces) brought to life through Pete’s enjoyment of playing music (Taurus).




Nirvana:  Kurt Cobain/ Dave Grohl
Dave laid a solid Capricorn foundation for success through Kurt’s outstanding ability to access the higher mind – a Pisces trait.




Linkin Park:  Mike Shinoda/Chester Bennington
Chester’s direct, confident, exertive Aries manner supports Mike’s unique musical talents and Aquarius quest to connect humanity.





Mercury is the planet of thoughts and expression.   Communication  is a necessity for a band (and any other type of good relationship) and the sign that Mercury is in shows how a person thinks and how they communicate.  Mercury is never more than two signs away from the Sun.  (Many people have Mercury in the same sign as the Sun.)


Mick Jagger has Mercury in Leo.  He speaks  with confidence and drama. Keith Richards has Mercury in Capricorn.  So, even though he has Sun in Sagittarius and is blunt and spontaneous, he is controlled and speaks in the realistic terms that set the band on an ordered path.





John Lennon had Mercury in Scorpio.  His thoughts were deep and could easily have gotten buried in oblivion had Paul McCartney’s Mercury in Gemini not come along and lifted them to light.


Bono’s Mercury is in Taurus, so he thinks about how he can best create comfort for all and the Edge’s Mercury in Leo thinks about how he can best demonstrate the platform.


Roger Daltry’s Mercury is in Aquarius, meaning that he’s an original thinker.  Pete Townsend’s Mercury in Taurus likes the idea that money can be made and security established by creating a niche.




Kurt Cobain’s Mercury in Pisces created inspiration and gave the band widespread appeal, while Dave Grohl’s Mercury in Aquarius brought out the band’s unique, rebellious identity.





As with Nirvana,  Chester Bennington’s  Mercury is in Pisces and Mike Shinoda’s  is in Aquarius.  (It might be noted here that Mercury in Pisces tends to make a person think about creating the ideal life.  Sometimes day-to-day existence is not enough for people who have this aspect in their chart.  They want to make it even better, and sometimes fall prey to drug addiction if they can’t find another way to create their utopia.  Both Chester Bennington and Kurt Cobain struggled with this.)  Chester’s intuitive sensitivity propels Mike’s innovative intelligence to success.