Frequently Asked Questions


On this page, questions that are frequently asked of Shooting Star Astrology appear. Please feel free to ask  a question.


What is an astrological chart?

A chart is a depiction of the position of the Sun, and Moon, planets, and whatever other objects in the sky or calculations one wants to see at a specific time and place. By using the chart cast when a person was born, we can determine the content of his or her personality, thus enhancing the person’s life with self-knowledge. Astrologers use other different kinds of charts for predictions, too. The chart looks like this:



What is a “house” in astrology?

The circle of the chart is divided into twelve sectors (like a pie). Each sector is called a “house” and it represents one specific area of our lives. For example, the second house is our money, the fifth house is our children, the seventh house tells about our marriage partner. The characteristics of the sign that rules that house in your chart, or the planets that are in it show how that area of your personality will develop. Knowing this, we can lead fuller lives by utilizing the strengths of our personalities and developing the weaknesses.



I want to know about my future. Can astrology tell me?

Astrology can tell you how the planetary influences guide your life. For example, say you have the planet Saturn transiting your sixth house, this indicates a time when you work very hard and feel as though you are not getting much reward for it. From your birth chart, we can tell when and how long a transit will be in effect – when a difficulty might be over or when a wonderful opportunity will present itself. Astrology is a great tool that helps people lead their optimum lives. Whether you order a chart analysis from Shooting Star Astrology or any other reputable astrologer (please stay away from computer generated generalized chart analysis) you will become enlightened. It is something that people need!


I was born on February 20. I have traits of both Pisces and Aquarius. Is this because I was born on the cusp?

I cast your chart for your year and found that your Sun is in Pisces. The reason that you have some Aquarius traits is that your Mercury and Venus are in Aquarius. Each planet exerts its own influence over us. Mercury shows how you think, Venus shows how you take things in. Mercury and Venus are never far from the Sun. This is the reason that many people who are born near the time that the Sun changes signs mistakenly think that the reason that they have traits of both signs is because of the “cusp,” but it’s not. It is because of another planet’s influence on your personality.



I want to know something specific, like if I’ll get a new job. Can you tell me that?

Shooting Star Astrology can advise you of the best time for you to choose to make that change. The planets do not force people to do anything – they nudge us in our life directions. We may choose to take a different path or not to act when the opportunity arises.

I want to know if and when I am going to have a baby. Can you tell me that?

Shooting Star Astrology has had a high success rate at predicting births of babies, but we do not guarantee our predictions.


Why are no two birth charts alike?

It is because of the rate of speed in which the planets travel. For example, Neptune is so far away that it takes 165 years to make one orbit around the Sun. Uranus takes 84 years. Right now Uranus is in Pisces and Neptune is in Aquarius. The last time that happened was in the 1830’s and 1840’s but Pluto (now in Sagittarius) was in Aries at the time. Prior to that in 1670-1680, Pluto was in Cancer. We came close in the early 1500’s, but Saturn, now in Cancer, was in Virgo at the time. Back as far as year 0001, today’s chart cannot be duplicated. This is the reason that of all of the trillions of people who have lived and who are living now, each one is a unique individual. Like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike.


Why do you say that the Sun is in a particular sign, when it doesn’t move?

The astrological charts that we use are based from our own viewpoint. Since the earth orbits the Sun, the constellation that we see behind the Sun is the one that it appears to be traveling in.


What is my Rising Sign?

Your Rising Sign is the zodiac sign that was on the horizon when you were born.   The Rising Sign is important because it shows how you appear to the world. Many people have a façade – a difference between who they are internally and the face that they present socially or professionally.  (See more about the Rising Sign/Ascendant on the Calculated Points page.