Mercury Signs


Since Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, it’s never more than one sign away from it. So, if you don’t know your Mercury Sign yet, read the descriptions of three signs: the one before your Sun Sign, your Sun Sign’s, and the one after your Sun Sign, and you may very well be able to figure it out. For example, if you are a Leo (have Sun in Leo), read Mercury in Cancer, Mercury in Leo, and Mercury in Virgo to get an idea of which sign is your Mercury’s.


Mercury in Aries – People who have this think in a straight-forward manner. In conversation, details are not as important as getting to the point. They are able to make decisions without much fanfare.

People who have Mercury in Aries: Queen Elizabeth II, William Shakespeare, René Descartes, Albert Einstein, Christopher Walken, Mark Zuckerberg, Robert Downey, Jr., Maria Sharapova, Quentin Tarantino, Jerry Seinfeld, Elle Macpherson, Michael Moore


Mercury in Taurus –   Thoughts in the minds of people who have Mercury in Taurus are about how they can jockey things into a position that give the most benefit.  They think about what makes other people and themselves comfortable and secure.  They offer their own opinions in conversations and are difficult to sway.

People who have Mercury in Taurus: Ferdinand Magellan, Sigmund Freud, John F. Kennedy, Queen Victoria, Jack Nicholson, Katharine Hepburn, Tina Fey, Clint Eastwood, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Penélope Cruz, Morgan Freeman, George Carlin, David Beckham, George Lucas


Mercury in Gemini – Mercury rules the sign Gemini.  Mercury, the messenger, is the best talker of the zodiac.  People who have this placement enjoy gathering information and storing it for later use.  Communication is one of their greater assets, and their speech is effortless and free.  They’re easy to talk to.

People who have Mercury in Gemini: Dalai Lama, Paul McCartney, Prince William, Cait Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Liam Neeson, Jack White, Paula Abdul, Enrique Iglesias, Tupac Shakur, 50 Cent, Tom Cruise, Marilyn Monroe, Joan Rivers, Jamie Oliver, Nikola Tesla


Mercury in Cancer – Cancer is ruled by the Moon.  It’s emotional and watery.  People who have Mercury in the sign Cancer can spend hours satisfying their curiosities – things flow along until they find their answers. These people like to think and talk about what they can do to get things to flourish.

People who have Mercury in Cancer: Diana, Princess of Wales, Martha Stewart, Alexander the Great, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Michael J. Fox, Judy Garland, Iman, Hugo Chávez, John D. Rockefeller, Alan Turing, Julian Assange, Carl Jung, Anna Kournikova, Louis Armstrong, Carlos Santana


Mercury in Leo – Leo thinks about greatness – not necessarily in a selfish way, but to be able to lead people appropriately.  Mercury in Leo people get their points across, not in boisterous or obnoxious manners, but their words are presented in a burning, thoughtful way.

People who have Mercury in Leo: Napoleon, Barak Obama, Nelson Mandela, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis , Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, Charlize Theron, Sylvester Stallone, Roman Polanski, Roger Federer, J. K. Rowling, Michael Phelps


Mercury in Virgo – People who have Mercury in Virgo get annoyed when things aren’t precise.  They think about ways to fix whatever it is that’s bothering them.  Mercury is the planet that rules our minds and it rules both Gemini and Virgo.  People who have Mercury in Virgo do a lot of ruminating.  They like to talk about changes they’d like to see made and to have others think of them as intellectuals.

People who have Mercury in Virgo: Mother Teresa, Neil Armstrong, Sean Connery, Lucille Ball, Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton, Jennifer Lawrence, Coco Chanel, Sting, Michael Douglas, Dustin Hoffman, Jimmy Carter, Ludacris


Mercury in Libra – This Mercury placement loves peace and harmony.  People who have it like to think about the ways that they can bring people and situations together to mesh in a productive way.  They like to talk about bridging gaps.  They are always polite.

People who have Mercury in Libra: Bill Gates, Johannes Vermeer, Barbara Walters , Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Will Smith, Joaquin Phoenix, Matt Damon, Emma Stone, Anthony Kiedis, Leonard Cohen, Warren Buffett, Margaret Thatcher, Bernie Sanders, Bruce Springsteen, Agatha Christie


Mercury in Scorpio –  People who have Mercury in Scorpio are such deep thinkers that you can almost see it on their faces before they speak.  They seem to know more than anyone else, or to have some secret that they don’t want to share.

People who have Mercury in Scorpio: Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon, Bruce Lee, Ryan Gosling, Matthew McConaughey, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Snoop Dogg, Martin Scorsese, Sylvia Plath, Luciano Pavarotti, Nadia Comaneci


Mercury in Sagittarius – People who have Mercury in Sagittarius light up a room when they enter.  There’s something a bit magical about what they talk about.  They add buoyancy to their conversations.  They inspire others when they express their progressive thoughts.  They have charisma.

People who have Mercury in Sagittarius: Indira Gandhi, Charles de Gaulle , Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jared Leto, Jude Law, Goldie Hawn, Jimi Hendrix, Tina Turner, Ricky Martin, Ozzy Osbourne, Gordon Ramsay


Mercury in Capricorn – People who have Mercury in Capricorn appear to be down-to-earth and businesslike.  They have a solid quality to their thoughts.  Conversations are not usually abrasive, but they will say what is on their minds.

People who have Mercury in Capricorn: Brad Pitt, David Bowie, Elvis Preseley, Ellen DeGeneres, Denzel Washington, Stephen Hawking, Edgar Allan Poe, Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods, Dolly Parton, Ronald Reagan, Nigella Lawson, Alex Turner


Mercury in Aquarius – This sign is innovative.  People who have Mercury in Aquarius seem to be able to fit themselves in places where you might not expect to find them.  They think about extending boundaries and don’t take the normal route to get where they want to go.  They talk about unusual topics.

People who have Mercury in Aquarius: Steve Jobs, George Washington, Oprah Winfrey, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jules Verne, Michelangelo, Swami Vivekananda, Thomas Edison, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Jim Carrey, Christian Bale, Drew Barrymore, Daniel Craig, Kevin Costner, Bob Marley, David Grohl, Gertrude Stein, Rosa Parks


Mercury in Pisces – Dreaminess is the most notable characteristic of people who have Mercury in Pisces.  This results in them being the most creative of all Mercury signs.  They strive to make themselves the ideals of their professions.  In conversation they may seem to be inattentive, but many times their ethereal qualities can manifest into action.

People who have Mercury in Pisces:  Nicolaus Copernicus, Harry Houdini, Tony Robbins, Lady Gaga, Kurt Cobain, Billie Holiday, Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, Juliette Binoche, Heath Ledger, Charlie Hunnam,  Eddie Murphy, Jackie Chan, Alexander McQueen, Charles Darwin,  Galileo Galilei, Victor Hugo, Johann Sebastian Bach, Auguste Renoir