Moon Signs

About Moon Signs:


In a chart of astrological elements, the Sun is the single most telling feature of a personality. The second most descriptive point is the Moon Sign. When a person is born the Moon reflects the light of the Sun back at the earth from a particular sign of the zodiac. The position of the Moon at birth shows the area of a person’s life that changes the most and where the person wants to be secure. In a horoscope, the Moon represents the mother, which would be where the person gets the most nurturing of his or her life. The Moon looks inside people and tells them what they need or crave in order to become complete. It also tells how they respond or react to stimuli and situations.

Here is a brief description of the Moon in each sign


Moon Sign Aries– People with Moon in Aries want to fulfill their own ego. They have a need for direction, organization, and they strive for the ability to get to where they want to be in life. When upset, the tempers flare. These personalities are strong and direct.

Moon Sign Taurus – indicates personalities who need material security. They like to shop and to keep their things well protected (including money). They may be shy or uncomfortable in social situations, but their emotions are sound and stable.

Moon Sign Gemini – is fun! People with Moon in Gemini have a need to communicate; they are excellent conversationalists. People with this placement like to gather information and store it for later use. They are diverse and playful.

Moon Sign Cancer – above else craves emotional security. The Moon rules the sign Cancer, and the people born with this Moon placement have a great understanding of the female psyche.

Moon Sign Leo – people have a need to shine. They also have an ability to understand the concept that unless they have fulfilled themselves, that they cannot give to others. (Other people may interpret this as selfishness, but it is not.) They strive to build up their own resources and are proud, dignified, and ambitious.

Moon Sign Virgo – people have a need to label and correct things, which may be interpreted by others as being “picky”. That’s not to say that a person with Moon in Virgo lacks sensitivity. When a person with this placement is aware that they are ruffling someone else’s feathers, the Moon in Virgo will analyze and correct the response.

Moon Sign Libra – craves an ideal relationship. They have a need for social acceptance and to create a balance between the major life forces (i.e. work and pleasure, socializing and solitude, rest and exercise etc.) People with the Moon in Libra love entertainment!

Moon Sign Scorpio – has a need to delve into the mysteries of life. They always strive for the ability to control their situations (especially the area of the horoscope – house placement – that the Moon resided in at the time of their birth.)

Moon Sign Sagittarius – has a need to be fulfilled by getting themselves, and everyone else, on the path that they deem most acceptable in life. They understand that their own methods work the best, and enthusiastically strive for excellence.

Moon Sign Capricorn – seems to need to go in and out of society. They work very hard and strive for effectiveness, respect, stamina, and ultimate growth.

Moon Sign Aquarius – gives a slightly unusual nature. The person feels as though they have to struggle for stability in their emotional area of their lives. They are friendly, outgoing, and adventurous people.

Moon Sign Pisces – gives a personality a need to access the higher mind. Ideally this would manifest as an appreciation of art, music, and spirituality. This is one of the most sensitive Moon Sign placements.