Sun Signs

About Sun Signs

The Sun Sign is the most telling feature of an astrological chart. It represents your life force. It is your core, your ego, and your identity. The purest of thoughts that you have are those represented by your Sun in it’s sign. The placement of the Sun is where you shine.

The Sun changes signs once every month, and the sign your Sun is in is determined by your birthdate. (When a person says “I’m an Aries,” they mean that they have the Sun in Aries.) Typically, the sign changes on the 21st or 22nd of the month, but it could happen as early as the 19th, or as late as the 23rd depending on the month and the year. Casting your birth chart is the way to find out for sure which Sun Sign is yours, if you were born on any of those days of the month.

Here’s another note about Sun Signs: There’s no such thing as being “born on the cusp.” Your Sun is in one sign or another. When people have characteristics of the other sign, it is probably that the planet Mercury, which is never far from the Sun, is in that other sign, giving those characteristics to the personality.

The Sun in Each Sign

Sun in Aries-(19 to 23 of March, to 19 to 23 of April)
People with the Sun in Aries seem to have the best direction in life, not because they plan it, but they know instinctively which road to follow to attain their goals. A person with Sun in Aries knows that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Their actions are quick, direct, and immediate. There is no need to wait around to see what will happen, because they make it happen. Leadership abilities come easily to people with Sun in Aries. They are friendly, outgoing and fun!

Sun in Taurus –(19 to 23 of April, to 19 to 23 of May) Sun in Taurus has some very nice qualities. Most of these people are socially refined. They are not crude or disgusting. They like nice things and they like to be comfortable. They insist on getting their needs met, and if they have one that needs to be filled, they will take action to do so. Usually they are easy-going, optimistic, happy people. But if they are provoked to the boiling-over stage, others better stand back! Most people with Sun in Taurus have an idea of how things should be, and it is very difficult to sway their minds once an opinion has been formed.

Sun in Gemini –(19 to 23 of May, to 19 to 23 of June) People with Sun in Gemini are logical and versatile. The planet Mercury, the messenger, rules Gemini, thus giving people with Sun in Gemini an ability to speak fluently and eloquently. (They are masters of debate.) People with Sun in Gemini seem to know how to get things done correctly, and will immerse themselves in logic and compilation of facts to assist them in attaining their goals. A lot of attention is given to the fact that the symbol of Gemini is the twins. This should not be regarded as a split personality. It is just that a person with Sun in Gemini’s keen mind has a greater ability to see things from many different perspectives.

Sun in Cancer – (19 to 23 of June, to 19 to 23 of July) With the possible exception of Pisces, Cancer is the most sensitive, caring sign of the zodiac. People with Sun in Cancer have an intuitive understanding of the reasons people act the way they do. They can strip away the layers of someone else’s façade, see them for who they are, and still be able to react in a compassionate manner. For this reason, people with Sun in Cancer get along well with animals, too. Cancerians don’t feel comfortable flying off the handle before they get all of the facts. They will completely assess a situation from all angles, and then zoom in, when the offender least expects it, and zing them. Unfortunately, a person with Sun in Cancer doesn’t accept zings well in return. Many times they have to duck out of a situation, in fear that they might react too emotionally.

Sun in Leo – (19 to 23 of July, to 19 to 23 of August) Each sign of the zodiac has a ruling planet (i.e. Mercury rules Gemini, Saturn rules Capricorn, etc.). Leo is the only sign that is ruled by the Sun. For this reason, people with Sun in Leo are the ones who “shine” the most. They are the ones who enjoy being on display. They like to show you what they do, and how good they look doing it. (The world of fashion must have been created for Leos.) This focus on appearance does not diminish the depth of a Leo. Its symbol is the lion. It is he, who has the greatest heart (especially for children) of any zodiac sign. Leo is found in the charts of many performers, not only in Sun Sign, but Moon Sign, Ascendant or prominently placed planet.

Sun in Virgo –(19 to 23 of August, to 19 to 23 of September) People with Sun in Virgo express themselves through service and separateness. They have the ability to look into themselves more than people with other Sun Signs. That is because they have a natural ability to analyze themselves, their ego, and everything else. They accomplish their goals by adjusting and correcting. They can sort through facts more easily than other people, and get rid of whatever doesn’t work. People with Sun in Virgo have an ability to manipulate things, not only in their minds (such as mathematically), but through their fingers, and thus, can become great athletes, musicians, or artists. They also show interest in health and nutrition.

Sun in Libra –(19 to 23 of September, to 19 to 23 of October) One of the most beautiful signs of the zodiac, Libra is ruled by the planet of love, Venus. People with Sun in Libra are the most relationship-oriented. This is because Libra’s goal is to balance, and it takes a partner sitting on the other side of the scale to balance it. Two is always better than one for Libra. Hence, you will find that people with Sun in Libra are the easiest to get along with of any sign. Of course, this could have its faults, as when it comes to decision making and the person with Sun in Libra doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by making a choice. Libras are not only nice to be with, they usually always have some beautiful physical attribute, too.

Sun in Scorpio – (19 to 23 of October, to 19 to 23 of November) People with Sun in Scorpio are intense! Their minds can delve into areas that many people don’t even want to think about, no less know about. People with Sun in Scorpio enjoy solitude and being secretive. Scorpios are strong, extreme, stubborn, and passionate. They become ardently attached to those they love. They have great inner recuperative powers that give them a fabulous ability to bounce back. They are the deepest, and most controlled people of the zodiac.

Sun in Sagittarius – (19 to 23 of November, to 19 to 23 of December) People with Sun in Sagittarius have a high aim in life. Usually they will come closer to getting what they need because they expect more. But, what they need and what they want are often two different things. It takes a lot to satisfy a Sagittarius. On the other hand, they are lucky, optimistic, happy and generous. They have an inborn understanding of law and ritualistic behavior (such as religion). They can handle more than one project or occupation at a time. They are warm-hearted risk-takers.

Sun in Capricorn – (19 to 23 of December, to 19 to 23 of January) Capricorn gives the person with this Sun Sign a stability, a sense of responsibility, and an ability to get to where they’re going. People with Sun in Capricorn are methodical, structured and strong. Many a Capricorn child is seemingly irresponsible, but all of these characteristics develop over time. Adults with Sun in Capricorn do not take chances without knowing full well what the consequences of failure will be. If they want something badly enough, they will work for it, and they have the endurance to attain success. They take one step at a time, not moving forward until certain that they are standing on solid ground. There are many people with Sun in Capricorn who have enjoyed long-term success.

Sun in Aquarius – (19 to 23 of January, to 19 to 23 of February) The opinion of the Shooting Star Astrologers is that people with Sun in Aquarius are the most interesting of the zodiac. Were it not for the unique and innovative ideas brought forth by the people who have Sun in Aquarius, society would not progress. Aquarians are not ordinary! They adore change and non-conformity. They are trend-setters. Things happen when they are around. They can be friendly and outgoing, but don’t tolerate stupidity well. They are intelligent and each has an excellent memory. People with Sun in Aquarius have a good sense of humor and like to laugh.

Sun in Pisces – (19 to 23 of February, to 19 to 23 of March) People with Sun in Pisces care about society as a whole. It would be difficult to find an unlikable person with this Sun Sign. They have an inner beauty and an ability to access the higher mind, which can manifest itself artistically, musically, or spiritually. Pisceans have an intuitive understanding of how they should present themselves. They know how to look good, and they know how to make other people look good. The thing about Pisces is that, unless they have another very strong characteristic in their chart, they are content to blend into society. In other words, unless they have a strong aggressive aspect, they won’t strive to be a star in their fields, and unless they have a horribly squelching aspect, they won’t sink to society’s fringe. People with Sun in Pisces are hardy and loveable.