Venus Signs

About Venus Signs

Venus, the planet of love, represents the area of our personalities where we determine how we can incorporate others into our lives. Knowing the Venus Signs of the people with whom you are involved can give insights as to how you can treat the relationships so that you will know what the person values and consequently know what they want that you can give. The position of Venus indicates what we want to indulge in and what makes us feel good.

Here is a brief description of Venus in each sign:

  • Venus Sign Aries – If you are up for continuous, fresh, new adventures, it’s easy to establish a solid relationship with a person with Venus in Aries. People with this placement are the ones who want to take the lead in relationships, and they look for active people to become involved with.
  • Venus Sign Taurus – indicates people who need material and personal security. They like to shop and to keep their things well protected (including money). They may be shy in social situations, but their emotions are sound and stable, and the best way to approach them is when they are relaxed and comfortable.
  • Venus Sign Gemini –There will never be a lack of conversation when you are involved with a person who has Venus in Gemini. People who have this Venus placement are friendly, outgoing, and charming. They are naturally curious, so they will love to know whatever information you can give to them.
  • Venus Sign Cancer – A person who has the Venus Sign Cancer loves to see the relationship grow and blossom. Any tidbit of nourishment or emotional fulfillment that you can offer will make the person much more receptive to your intentions.
  • Venus Sign Leo – The sign of the great romantic – Venus in Leo! A person who has this placement incorporates others into his/her live dramatically! Venus in Leo loves flourishes, flair, and especially children. They incorporate people into their lives through strength and gesture.
  • Venus Sign Virgo –The Venus Sign, Virgo loves a practical relationship. The more perfect you are, the better you’ll be involved. A person who has Venus in Virgo incorporates people his/her life most easily when helping someone out.
  • Venus Sign Libra –Venus rules the sign Libra, so a person who has Venus in Libra is more naturally prone to creating the finest relationships. The very best way to become involved with a person who has this placement is through social situations.
  • Venus Sign Scorpio – The Venus Sign Scorpio loves a little mystery and a lot of passion! They integrate people into their lives privately, in a one-to-one atmosphere. People with Venus in Scorpio may have difficulty sharing the people they love.
  • Venus Sign Sagittarius – People who have the Venus Sign Sagittarius are outgoing and enthusiastic in relationships. They are free with their love and are happy to incorporate many an adventurous soul into their lives. The time and place do not matter to them.
  • Venus Sign Capricorn – Venus in Capricorn is a responsible, mature sign. People with Venus in Capricorn are dependable in love and comfortable in a structured relationship. They incorporate others into their lives through a step-by-step progression.
  • Venus Sign Aquarius – A person who has the Venus Sign Aquarius oftentimes finds that he or she would rather have a meaningful friendship than to become involved in a flowery relationship.
  • Venus Sign Pisces – the Venus Sign Pisces is one that involves spirituality. People with this placement connect selflessly to the point that their compassion can extend to extremes. They incorporate others to the depths of their souls.