The videos on this page are the face-to-face ones (- not the daily horoscopes ones.  For those go to the monthly posts.)
The first video tells you how to sign up, especially if you want the app on your phone.

This video shows how we are unique people:

The Internal Personality – Sun Signs – How You Can Tell What a Person is Really Like

Chakra Colors – Enhance our spirits through colors!

Discovery! – (Discovering Astrology!)

The Cooling Breath – Nothing to do with astrology – but Shooting Star Astrology’s mission is to enhance our lives.

A Void-of-Course Moon Occasion – How the void-of-course Moon affects us.

Give a Gift to Yourself Today! – Enhance your Life


Transformation Visualization – Here’s a visualization for relaxation.

This next video gives an overview of the reasons 2017 has been/is challenging:

About August 2017 – Here is what I thought was going to occur, and why.

A bit of astrological background