Void-of-Course Definition

When a planet goes through a sign it makes aspects to other planets along the way. When it nears the end of its travels through that sign, and has no more major aspects to make, it is said to be void-of-course until it gets to the next sign. The slower moving planets typically have longer void-of-course periods than the Moon. Pluto, for example, was void-of-course for nearly two months a few years ago. Since the Moon travels all twelve signs during a month’s time, and governs our routines and habits, we pay more attention daily to its effects. Things don’t go as we expect that they will under a void-of-course Moon. If you go shopping, you’re more liable to buy the wrong size or color or to forget to get the very item that you wanted most. If you start a project during a void-of-course Moon period, the outcome may not be good. It may be a nice project, but nothing will come of it. If you are going to take an important step in your life, it is best not to start it under a void-of-course Moon.